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Our clients` "vision" is  to enjoy financial security and financial independence at retirement.  We work with a limited number of clients to custom design an investment portfolio that helps minimize taxes, fight inflation, increase net worth, leave a legacy for their families and their worthy causes, and become financially independent at retirement.

Clients or guests can have control of their finances, right from our site. Here, you can gather current quotes and news on individual stocks and mutual funds (under the research section), maintain and update their own personal portfolio, and send us any messages and or questions. You can also stay up-to-date on relevant financial topics through my on-line newsletters, market links, and even check your own account balances and positions (under the information section, click on My Account @).
     Please bookmark this site now as one of your favorites so you can return to it with ease later. We suggest that you take advantage of the many features that are provided such as the "Tell a Friend" option and my "money management calculators".  These financial calculators (located at the bottom of the left-hand column, under the research section) can help you figure everything from:

  • What it takes to save $1 million?
  • What will be the future value of my savings?
  • Saving for college education?
  • How much money can I spend on a car?
  • How expensive of a house can I afford?
  • What steps do I need to take to pay off my balance?

It is our hope that this site will further your awareness of reaching the common "vision" we both have for you and your family`s future.  Thanks for being here!  I appreciate your visit.

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